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I have a son that i led my now husband to believe for 11yrs

Resolved Question:

I have a son that i led my now husband to believe for 11yrs that the child was his. I was not sure so I never said anything until the real father started asking questions and I decided to get a DNA test to find out the truth when i found out I told my husband and the marriage was already not stable. I filed for divorce because I felt that things just would not work out but he said he wanted it. He had an affair prior to me telling him about my son and contracted an STD. He told me I need to get over it and move on if i want the marriage to work. Through out this ordeal we were still in an sexual relationship living in the same house. He flew this young lady from jamaica same one he contracted STD to Virginia and they were off to Vegas. He came back home from his 1 week trip and decided he really wanted to save the marriage I reconciled. This other realatinship has not stopped. He says he loves me and does'nt want to be with any 1 else. How can this be. and what should I do I ? luv.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Cher replied 8 years ago.

I would not recommend continuing to live with and have a sexual relationship with, a man you are married to, who is overtly having an affair in front of your face. In addition, any STD he got (gets) will (might have, already) be passed on to you if you continue to have sex with him.

He does not want this marriage; he wants to be married and have another woman (mistress) on the side, and have you accept it; this is not an acceptable situation. He is lying through his teeth if he says he loves you and doesn't want to be with anyone else; he already HAS been and IS with somebody else, with your knowledge. Throw him out; tell him to go live with his mistress.

Speak to your attorney again, to continue the divorce proceedings you began with this man who is cheating on you in a most obvious way, and insulting you with his actions.

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