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Hi, me and this girl i met at the college i was going to, had

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Hi, me and this girl i met at the college i was going to, had somewhat of a relationship, everything hapenned fast, and at this time she had a relationship with her boyfriend from overseas, she said that she was ready to tell him to go to hell but there was really no indication of this and she usually told me that when he comes back that everything is going to change. She went to a tarot card reader and she told her that she should look out for two specific star signs, not one of which is mine, she is dead set that that is the truth, since then she has not talked much to me, all communication has come from my side, i'd like to ask what should i do, does this relationship sound as dead as a dodo, or is there still some life left. thank you


I think you should move on to someone that will respect you and your feelings and not dismiss them because a tarot reader her told her that you were not in the cards though tarot readings can be accurate it really depends on you who go to and what their agenda is for doing it. This other guy is in the picture and though she said she wants to tell him to go to heck she hasn't yet and I don't think things will change, she seems to want to have her cake and eat it too. I would no longer communicate with her if she isn't making an effort to communicate with you then I don't think she is ever going to respect you or your feelings. You need to find someone that won't play games with your emotions. I would walk away that is the best thing for you to do if she cannot put you first and date only you I doubt much will change if you wait and may tell her that no matter what she does to you, you will continue to wait for her. Take control of your life back and start to take the steps to find closure in this relationship and move on to someone that deserve your love and attention.

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