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Been with the same woman, recently broke up with her. She was

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Been with the same woman, recently broke up with her. She was married before, and has a serious low-self esteem problem, and a major trust issue. I am a christian, although we did sleep together at some 6 months later, after meeting. I never had intercouse with her. I stopped sleeping with her because I respected her, and I. Thats when the problems began. I explained to her why this was wrong. She rebelled against me, and started withdrawing from me. Would not allow me to kiss or hold her. This went on for months, and caused me serious health problems. With holding affection, is a source of emotional abuse, or control or punishment. The only time she comes close to me, is when she has had some wine. She humiluates me iun front of others, by hugging other men friends, but witholds it from me. She had to know that she is hurting me, but does not care. Its a;; about her needs. What about me ? Currently Currently we are not seeing each other. She is controlling . What to do now?


If she isn't taking into consideration your feelings and how much her withdrawal is affecting you then maybe it's best that you stay apart and find someone that will respect your wishes and not punish you by withdrawing affection. That is a form of emotional abuse and should not be tolerated. What you need to do is find someone that is spiritual minded like you and have the same interests as you and wants the same things as you. This woman wasn't the one for you she wants different things than you do and it may not have worked out anyway. Give yourself ample time to recover from your break up. Recovery, in any form, takes time and it is sometimes fast or sometimes slow, either way, patience is required here. Self evaluation is the key to any recovery process. Know your mistakes, your downfall and mishaps in your past relationship, it helps to avoid doing them in the next relationship that you are in. Think and approach the situation positively. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. If you are going to let any negativity stick to you now, it will take a very long time, if ever to get rid of it. Stay away from anyone or anything that can have a negative impact on you. I think you should be relieve that this negative person is out of your life and find someone that will appreciate you and what you have to offer to the relationship.

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