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ok, well the other night I went out and got pretty drunk. I

Resolved Question:

ok, well the other night I went out and got pretty drunk. I was out with my mate and she got one of her guy friends to come out. me and him got along great and everything. we ended up going home together but did not sleep together. he didn't wanna take advantage of me. Anyway the next day I messaged him a little bit but I'm quite shy so I don't know whether I came off as blunt. He sent me a couple of messages that night and called me babe and darl and he thanked me for the cuddles. I said thank you back to him and he replied "anytime x x" then last night I had to go meet up with my friend at her workplace. he works with her so I seen him but i kind of went all quiet and didn't say much. I asked my friend today to see if he is keen and she only responded by telling me that he said to her that I don't seem real interested. I don't know whether I am imagining this or not but I am just trying to work out if he likes me... this whole thing is making me sick to the guts. sorry
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  salar176 replied 8 years ago.
well you dont need to be shy.. just call him up and ask him out for movie or dinner etc. you dont need to be shy or introvert otherwise there will always be a confusion.
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