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Hey Ann, i thought i will ask you something again sorry

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Hey Ann, i thought i will ask you something again:
sorry for my english... :) this guy- Marcel, i am working with him together. I have to see him and i even try to get some better job where he works too.
I am afraid, that i am depended on him, that i need him for sex (i am catholic so i am waiting after the marriege but we still have nice time sleeping together). There can be always the reason to call him. Sometimes i am so strong and i hate him, i don't care about him, i have so many good reason to not love him. And there are such days like the last week: i wanted to have him in the near and i was doing everything to get him, i feel so bad because of that.. I am doing a lot of things: my hobbies with other friends, plans for the next sommer for 5 weeks in Peru without any contact with him! I came back to climbing the mountains(what i left as i met him). But i am not sure if my renewed hobbies are for that to not share with him or to show him how independent and interesting i am?
Sometimes i think, how bad person is he and on the other day i forget everything and just want to be in the near of him.
do you have a husband? why some people meet so easy the proper person. I thing, there is something what they have and i don't... they have some intuition,that i would like to have or just they are nicer people and don't except from life so much as i do?


Right now you don't have that intuition because all you can see is Marcel even when you date other people that is why it's so important for you to make the break from him or at least be able to work with him without thinking of him staying the night at your house or calling him for other things other than work related situations. It's very important for the hobbies to be your thing to get away from everything and no you shouldn't share those things with him because as long as you have known him he should already know that you are interesting and a good person. I think you should continue your hobbies and take that trip without ANY communication with him, make that time your "You" time and no one else. This time will be important for you to break away and come back a new and improved you.

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