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well my husband and i have been having some problems now. for

Customer Question

well my husband and i have been having some problems now. for the past months he has been turning me down for sex. he penis does not get hard with me anymore. i wear sexy langerie and he still turns me down. yes ladies you can imagine how that can sting for me. i tried being supportative up until about a month ago i had a miscarriage and that really devasted me. we are about six months married and well yesterday while getting a gift for his mom he recieved a text message from a co worker saying thank you according to him i asked him who it was and he told me it was a female co worker and that she is having problems with her pregnancy and he wanted to see if she was okay and that he told her happy mothers day. that really ticked me off bc when i was depressed and hurt with the misscarriage he never once asked me how I felt instead he was upset bc i was mopping around and we even got into a huge arguement. i asked him why would he care if she was ok or not and if she is a co worker from work that he needed to wait until the weekdays to talk to her. it seems wrong that he would go out of his way to check on her. i feel that as his wife i should be getting those compassionate thoughts. one thing i will not tolerate in a marriage is infedility. when i asked him why would he care he got mad called me f---ing crazy and stopped the car and walked out. that to me makes me believe that he did have an affair. im very hurt and angry with him to do that to our marriage. i kicked him out and now i dont what to do. i cant trust him now im angry and hurt. to top it off when i spoke to his mother she told that i should not bother him and leave him alone and ask him questions and let him speak to whomever he wants to not to get mad as long as he doesnt bring them to my home and at the end of the night i have him. i told her that she can tolerate that in her marriage but i will not. im very upset with his mother too bc that is some bs to tell your daughter in so confused what do i do? i have so many questions to ask him and closure. and will i ever forgive how can i trust him should i leave him or work on our marriage bc no marriage is easy but how can i even to speak to him when i cant look into his eyes anymore. and should confront the women. please help me
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Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Cher replied 8 years ago.
Hello, and thanks for your question.

May I ask your ages?

You said you've been married for about 6 months? How long did you know each other before you got married?

Did you ever actually confront your husband and ask if he was having an affair or ever had an affair?

If you told him to leave, do you know where he is, now?

Thanks for all your additional information.