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I really like this girl at work and Ive asked her out twice.

Resolved Question:

I really like this girl at work and I've asked her out twice. The first time she seemed to be surprised and even began to blush, but she gave me a maybe as an answer. The second time I asked, she was not surprised but still gave me a maybe and said I'm a nice guy. Now I thought after what she said the second time it was basically a no, but now she seems more comfortable around me and talks to me more. I know she is single, but what I don't no and would like to know is what's going on and where do I stand at this point.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  KimberlyF replied 8 years ago.

HiCustomer Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer. By the way, it would help us to know:


-How long ago did you ask the second?


-Does it seem like she likes you or is she just being nice?

-Could you explain your situation a little more?

Thank you again for trusting us with your problem. Please reply as soon as possible so that we can finish answering your question.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
We work at the same place but in different departments and we both work the evening shift. I first was drawn to her because she was a very harder worker and very nice person. As I got to know her, I found that she is some what of a bashful and shy person, blushing and getting giddy over The slightest things or even over a little joke. At the same time she seems to be a closed off person, she'll talk about her self but doesn't seem to interact with anyone we work with out side of work. She's from Mexico and has been in the states for five years. She seems to interact more with people who speak spanish more so then with people who speak english, even though she speaks english very well. I asked her out the first time a couple months back and after her answer decided to get to know her better. Also, when I asked her out the first time it was kind of half assed and I was not staight forward. About Three weeks ago I decide I wanted to take a drive down to Santa Monica, so I asked her about a noodle shop she likes to frequent when she goes down there. She told me the name and I mentioned the day when I would be going down there. Something came up so I was able to go down to Santa Monica on the day I had planed so I went the next day. The next week when I got back to work I told her how much I enjoyed the shop and she said " oh you did go down there, I didn't see you there." I told her I had to go another day. I decided to ask her out the second time about week after going to Santa Monica. This time how ever I was direct and a lot more confident, even after she said maybe, I kept talking to her like I always do and even asked for her number, to which she also replied maybe. That same day even after her answer, we sat together at lunch and talked with each other, in fact she came over to my table and sat with me, which she has never done before. The next day she began to talk to me more, and even seemed to be more comfortable talking to me and being around me. She's a very kind and nice person, so I don't know if she just being nice and is too kind to say no, or is she to shy and bashful to say yes.
Expert:  KimberlyF replied 8 years ago.



I think she was unsure because she hardly knew you and felt uncomfortable just saying yes and going out with you but now that you have talked more and she has made more of an effort to come to you I would ask her out to the same place she told you about she will appreciate the fact that you want to take her somewhere where she is used to being and a public place and she may be more apt to accept this time. I think she was too shy and bashful to say yes but I think she will say yes this time. Tell her that you think she is a beautiful and a kind person you just want to get to know her better and see if you have some things in common if she likes you can start out as friends and just go as friend until she is ready to take it to the level of a relationship, maybe if you suggest going at her pace then she will feel more comfortable about giving you a chance. If she wasn't interested in you I doubt she would make such an effort to sit with you at lunch or come talk to you if she didn't want to be bothered at all she would go the other way, it's been three weeks since you asked her out last so now is the time to give it another try. Make sure you ask her to go to the place she told you about in Santa Monica so that she is in a familiar place and can feel more comfortable on a first date.

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