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My uncle is crazy! At mu grandpas funeral he tried to attack

Resolved Question:

My uncle is crazy! At mu grandpas funeral he tried to attack my brother. Told us we shouldn't even be there we aren't apart of the family. He feels he has done nothing wrong that it is our fault. Recently I asked my grandmother if we could by her boat. It is sitting unused and needs alot of work done on it. She asked my uncle as it was supposedly given to him. He starts firing off e-mails to me saying it is wrong of me to ask my grandmother , who he says it old and feeble minded. That he wants me and my brother to stop riding on our grandmothers coat tails. We don't. It is he that is always asking for money and things from her. Even now he is asking her if he and his wife and son can live with her if he loses his job. He says he is glad that he has exposed my brother and I for what we really are and that everyone knows it even though they deny it. I want to defend myself and family to him but it will only cause him to write even more damaging letters to me and my mom. what can i do?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Cher replied 8 years ago.
Hello, and thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, your uncle sounds like a very angry man who most likely resents the success you and your brother have achieved in life. He's the type of person who will never admit he is wrong, even if 1000 people agree with you and have 'evidence' he is wrong.

I think having anything further to do with him, if this is his violent (with words) reaction, would be a mistake. Let him to continue to live in his delusional world, and just steer clear of him. Don't ask again, about buying your grandmother's boat, and just don't even email him or receive his emails. You should be able to block his email address from your email server, so his mail doesn't even come through. Since he doesn't respond to words, I think you'll get your point across when he's told by his computer that his email was 'rejected' by your server.

Keep in touch with your grandma and all your other relatives, but don't try to speak to him or email him again. It seems he has a chip on his shoulder about SOMETHING regarding you and your brother, and you've tried talking sense to him, but he just lashes out. It's not worth the aggravation.

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