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I like a guy in uni who approached me and started talking to

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I like a guy in uni who approached me and started talking to me;he asked questions like where i am from,what i study, etc.,. We talked a bit and he left.When he saw me the next time he followed me and started talking to me so i kept the conversation going and laughed at his jokes.I had to take a bus so i told him and then he said if you need any help don't hesitate to ask me and he told me hope to see you again,i laughed and said goodbye to him.i don't see him much but whenever i see him he is with his friendsi saw him today with his friends, i knew he will be looking at me if i pass near him, so i looked his way he smiled and i smiled back he does it in such a way that his friends dont find out that we know each other, i thought he would leave them and follow me but he didnt.later i saw him in canteen with his friends.I think he likes me but i wonder why when he sees me he cant leave his friends and follow me and use the chance to know each he not interested.Please help.
Hello again,

You responded to me (thank you) and I didn't get the chance to reply back, as I was not online when you responded.

If you would rather not go over to him, then it would be best to wait for him to make the next move. If you would like to remain more 'aloof' and have him come over to you, or start a conversation again, then do that, and see how things go.

You asked 'is he not interested?', and I do think he's shown he's interested, in the past, so if his interest continues, he'll pursue you and ask for your phone number or other contact information, so he can see you again. He might not have wanted to leave his friends at that particular time, but he might want to get to know you better, so if you feel that making a move at this time, by approaching him, will make him seem in control and as if you're chasing him, you'll need to wait for him to make the next move, to speak to you.

If you don't show you're interested, he might not think you are. In my personal opinion, I don't think that showing you're interested will make you seem needy or put him in control at all. It's a natural progression of things, and HE has already shown an interest. You won't know what that interest can lead to, until you get to know him better, but you need to proceed in a way that makes you feel most comfortable.

If you wait for his next approach and you don't take any action on your own, you *are* putting him in control of the situation, and he might go out with another girl who takes advantage of seeing him and approaching him to talk. If you feel he might not like you coming over when he's with his friends, I agree, you may be right, so you'll have to wait until you see him when he's alone.

Another idea may be, if you see him with his group of friends again, and he acknowledges you with a smile, like he did this time, you can write your name and number on a piece of paper and just hand it to him and mouth the words 'call me', then smile and walk away. He might find that intriguing, his friends will think that's a good thing, and you will peak his interest further.

I hope things work out the way you'd like.

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