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i just got in a Long Distance Relationship and i live in a

Resolved Question:

i just got in a Long Distance Relationship and i live in a city in a state and the person lives in another city in another state and how does the Long Distance Relationship Works? and this is my first Long Distance Relationship
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Walter replied 8 years ago.



Long distance relationships can be complicated, but if both people are dedicated it can also work out quite well. In fact some people prefer this type of relationship when they are busy or have a lot going on in their lives since there is less pressure to spend so much time together.


Generally the couple will communicate via email, text and phone calls at least once a day if not more. Though the norm is once a day. Many couples find that evening calls or chats on line can be just as productive as a real date and give them a chance to get to know each other more fully then the traditional dating allows. Since physical contact is out, communication takes over the leading role in these types of relationships allowing for a closer deeper bond.


It is recommended that the couple try to spend at least once a month in contact face to face to help allow the relationship to grow for trust reasons but this can be avoided if conflict arises as long as both partners are in agreement and understand that the reality is schedules are not always going to mesh when it comes to travel planning.


The more often you can get together, even if only for a evening the better your chances are of making this work. Though if your both willing to work at it you can make this work with fewer visits and more communication.


In the end it isn't the easiest relationship to be in, but it does have far more positives then negatives when it comes to building a longer lasting relationship.



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