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My husband & I have been married almost two years. He is 35

Customer Question

My husband & I have been married almost two years. He is 35 & I am 33. We are very opposite. I am more outgoing like to get out once in a while with friends, wine dinner maybe dancing (not like I did in my 20's) and he is conservative and happy staying home and doing nothing. He is better at going with me if I do go out where as before he just would not go. HE is making an effort and I love him for that.   I just an worried the novelty is wearing off and he used to be SO MUCH MORE attentive with me and be excited to see me when I got home and now- I come home and he is watching TV or playing a game doesn't even move. I will initate sex and he is tired. Seems sex only happens on the weekends and when it does it is great. WE NEVER fight or argue which I love. I have tried "Date" night and that didn't last. I told him how I felt but, still no change. I am finding myself sad & bored and It scares me. I love him so much. Plus, we want a family but, no luck for a year.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Ms Chase replied 8 years ago.

Does he work?

What kind of work do both of you do?

What does he like to do aside from games/tv?

What sort of things do you like to do together?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes, he works - he is a industrial mechanical tech for fed. government.   I am a department manager in the medical field. We both work hard and are tired during the week so I do get the being tired for sex thing. Just seems always when i initate it tho! He likes to hike and fish and hunt. I recently told him this summer i want us to go hiking this summer and get out more this year. We bought our place a year ago and we seemed to be doing never ending house projects so we did not get out much last year. I say "let's do this and let's do that" and he will say "OK" but, that is it. I get frustrated being the one to do and initate and plan everything. Family memebers & Friends say "it is a women thing" why should I just be the one to do it all?   I LOVE the beach and just being outside! We both love movies! He also has lost contact with friends and when i nudge him to call he doesn't and I get an email from a wife of on of his friends that ever since we got married they don't hear from him! I don't want to come across needy and whiney to him so I hold back sometimes. I also am very insecure and always worry my insecurties will run him off and I tend to think the worst. It is part of my family history but, I have gotten better. Helps to talk to someone else about it. SORRY to ramble!!