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my ex-girlfriend & I went to dinner the other night. We went

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my ex-girlfriend & I went to dinner the other night. We went back to my place & had incredible sex and the she got up and left. Mind you we have been broken up for a year and a half she was started dating someone else after we broke up. No they have been broken up for a month or so and she started calling me again. At dinner she calledme honey and started talking about all the good times we had, which were mostly good even though we only dated for 7 months. She still has a piece of me but i won't ever let her know that. Her family love me and I am still very good friends with her brother. Our relationship ended b/c of her. What should I expect from all of this? What should I do? I could really use some advice


I think she may want to see where things go this time and may have realized that she gave a good thing, what you need to do is be very clear as to what you want instead of everything being up to her. Ask her what all of this means and what she expects from you, you want to make sure it isn't a sexual thing and whether she wants to try again. My advice to you is don't lose this chance that you have if you want her back tell her that she may not think you will take her back because of what she did before. All of the sign are there that she wants you back but you have to ask her if it's for sexual reason or if she loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. If you just started back to seeing each other then give it at least a week before having that conversation with her and make sure that when you talk to her it's only you two so that you can really open up to her if you continue to act as if you don't care she will take that as you not wanting her back. If you have anything to add click reply.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I like your advice. I remembered a few other this as well. After we had sex when she got up to leave she sadi she felt like a tramp, was nervous and asked if this was just sex or what b/c se complicates things. I told her not to worry about it. She went to the bathroom and then came back and laid next to me for awhile (cuddled..=]) but then suddenly got up and left and refused to stay when I offered. I don't get it!! I went on vacation the next day and she offered to watch my dogs while I was away and I said ok. We texted a little but nothing major.


It may be best that you take it slowly and not rush things this time. She probably felt like a "tramp" because you just started talking again and already she had slept with you but with your reassurance that it was okay will make her feel a little bit more at ease when it comes to intimacy. You really need to have the talk with her and ask her the questions you want answered like; What is this exactly? Do you want to just be friends? Do you think we could give it another try? and then go into how much you care about her and what you want but allow her to answer your question before telling her how you feel so that you know if you should even tell her how you feel and if her answers sound promising then tell her.

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