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I asked my friend/formor bussiness parter to speak to me in

Resolved Question:

I asked my friend/formor bussiness parter to speak to me in respectful manner as we resolve the buiness. I let her know that her nastiness hurt me since we were once friends . She said she could not give me respect because i did not ruin it. then she said she love me and cared about me. Is this passive agresive? background. I was the creative one who made us look good. I did 80% of the work. She financed us. I'm a designer 15 years younger. She is biologist. what I see is that she thinks she is better than me but, also in awe of my talent . whole thing is creepy. What do you make of it. thanks
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Cher replied 8 years ago.
Hello, and thanks for your question.

I think you've already done very well, by dealing with this by trying to appeal to her better side. That's always a good idea!

I agree with your feelings that she is in awe of your talent, but because she's older and is the 'scientist', she may feel she's more intelligent than you, but at the same time, is jealous of your artistic abilities, which she wishes she possessed.

Your description of the situation *is* a little creepy, and do you think she meant she's interested in you, romantically, when she said she loves you and cares about you? If so, and you're not interested, let her know this, as soon as possible. Also, let her know that her behavior is not appropriate and if you both are able to speak about business in a dignified, businesslike manner, you can accomplish what you need to do, and be finished with it. It sounds like she perhaps, doesn't want to be finished with business with you, so quickly.

She may be speaking to you disrespectfully XXXXX XXXXX *wants* to see you get angry, as she likes that 'spark' in you. If you are completely uninterested in what she seems to be leading to, tell her the truth, in a nice way, finish your business, and be done with her.
If you feel you don't want to or can't speak with her anymore, about the business, assign a trusted 'representative' to speak for you, but who will get your okay on everything, before agreeing to anything she proposes.

I hope things work out well for you!

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