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Cher, Relationship Enthusiast
Category: Relationship
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i just want to know if me and the man i love are going to make

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i just want to know if me and the man i love are going to make and does he really love me after all this time? and is he faithful, or is he like the rest of the man
Hello and welcome back to Just Answer.

Can you explain your situation a little more, so I can better answer your question?

How long have you been seeing this man and why do you say 'does he really love me after all this time?' Have you spent time apart?

Do you have reason to suspect he had not been faithful?

Thanks very much.

Hello again,

I was hoping to get some additional information from you, but from what you have already said, it would depend upon whether you trust your man to be faithful to you or not, and for him to trust you, in order to have a successful relationship. Honesty, fidelity and open communication are the keys to a happy and satisfying relationship.

If your man has given you any reason to doubt his love or faithfulness, then you have to think carefully about proceeding with the relationship. Once a man cheats, he's likely to do it again; same thing with lying. There's an expression: 'A tiger never changes his stripes', meaning once a man exhibits a certain behavior, he will most likely not change who he is.

If you want to make your relationship a success, it takes hard work, but make sure your man is NOT like all the other men, and is faithful and honest with you.

I wish you much good luck and hope everything works out the way you want it to!

Cher and other Relationship Specialists are ready to help you
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I hope things are progressing well, for you!

Cher (I'm sending this as an information request, only so you won't be prompted to click 'accept' an additional time)

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