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A few days ago at work one of my co workers who is in a committed

Resolved Question:

A few days ago at work one of my co workers who is in a committed relationship,asked me how my bf was doing,I don't have one and he knows I don't,then a few minutes later he's like so your single,like for conformation or something. Then he goes and talks to one of our new guy coworkers. Later the new co worker and I were txting and he asked if I had a bf&when I said no asked but why...The next day he stopped by for a few minutes after work,before he left he kissed me. Later when we were talking he said that he just got out a long relationship&was just looking for fun. He came over to my house on monday&and before he left he kissed me,then on tuesday he offered to come over after he go off work to spend time with me on my break at school,and just kinda held my hand in the car&kissed me before he left he says that we will do whatever I want...but he is also very interested a sexual relationship with me,I'm just confused,any thoughts
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Cher replied 8 years ago.
Hi again Princess Blondie,

Because he told you he just got out of a longterm relationship and is looking for 'fun', that means he's most likely only looking for a sexual relationship, as he told you. You need to decide if this is what you want. Typically, men who are just out of a long relationship are used to having sex on a steady basis, and don't want to go without, so, he's shown an interest in you, finds you attractive and felt you out by asking if you had a bf, and you gave the answer he wanted to hear.

If you would feel comfortable having a sexual relationship with him, being co-workers and all, that's up to you. Why don't you suggest he take you out to dinner and perhaps do some other activities, so you go out on 'dates' and then see where things lead.

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