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This is for Kimberly. You just answered my question. I have

Resolved Question:

This is for Kimberly. You just answered my question. I have a further question. I know my boyfriend has a lot on his plate and don't know how sick his mom is. I had surgery myself last week and he promised at one point to take care of me. I know he forgot about the surgery and never checked to see how I was doing. Him not talking to me came out of the blue with no reason on Valentine's day. We do go to the same bar and I know I will run into him. Not sure what will happen. He did say we do need to talk. When I don't know. I know I am repeating myself but should I still just leave him be until I run into him next week and see if he talks to me. I don't know if I should just ignore him. It is out of character for him to be somewhat cold to me even though he answered my text message this past Tuesday. Just confused. I know he likes an independent woman and I haven't played hard to get but don't know if I should start now.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  KimberlyF replied 8 years ago.


See if he says anything or if you even see him out, either way you need answers or closure or you will always wonder why and what happened to change his mind. Make sure he hasn't move on to someone else without telling you it will make it even harder to get passed this and leave you wondering what you did wrong when in all actuality you did nothing wrong and it may just be a hang up he has. Just wait some time but don't wait too long for him to give you answers if he doesn't give you an answer in two weeks I would start the process of moving passed this and not looking back if he didn't have just a little bit of time to see if you were okay after your surgery then he is proving not to be a person you can rely on to be there for you through the good and bad times. If he does approach you then hear him out and see if he has a good enough reason as to why the cold shoulder, then make your decision as to whether to stay or move on.

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