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In a relationship where there has been violent(hitting by husban)Where

Resolved Question:

In a relationship where there has been violent(hitting by husban)Where the husban for self gratification would make wife sleep with other men in front of him and thus is a seven year relationship that broke up and now 9 months later says he has changed his ways an no longer doesnt do that,and is a chillderen safe with him?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  KimberlyF replied 8 years ago.


I really wouldn't take the chance unless you can see that he has changed and also you if you truly are considering going back to him then you need to find closure with your baby's father and try to end it on a good note so that you can at least be cordial for your child's sake. It's not just you that will be affected by this decision your children will be also, you don't want to go back to him only find out he hasn't changed or he possibly got worse and will harm your children along with yourself. If he hasn't gotten counseling and worked on his issues of why he did those things in the first place and where the behavior stems from then it's best that you do not go back to him. He could be saying he has changed just to get you back or maybe he feels he has changed in his mind only because you left and he has been alone so there was no one to abuse and treat badly. No one is safe with him unless he has done the work in trying to change, extensive counseling, working on himself to become a better person, finding where and who the root of the anger lies. I would rather deal with not having any money than to deal with being belittled and abused and treated like a sex slave. I say hang in with your current boyfriend, everyone is having it hard economically things will get better, he treats you good and loves you and respects you and that is the most important qualities of a relationship.

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