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After a fight - how do we makeup

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I have had an on/of relationship with a man for about 10 years. We know each other about 38 years but have been closer these past 10. We started as friends and he has led me to believe that he wants more than friendship. He is not well liked by anyone. He is egotistical, nasty, negative and alienates many people around him. I don't know why I have any feelings for him but I do. He has been good with me, but avoids getting together to go anywhere, wants me to give him all the details of my whereabouts but won't reveal his. Wants a lot of attention but doesn't like to give any. He recently forgot my birthday, which may be understandable but we were speaking about it Friday night and he never called over the weekend until Sunday afternoon. At that point I was so riled I let him have it on the phone and hung up. I haven't heard from him in about 10 days. Can this friendship/relationship be saved?
Hi DeeDee,

Based upon the information you have provided about this man, it's possible that he will realize he misses not speaking with you or seeing you, and call to get back in touch with you, but most likely without apologizing. Then again, considering the personality you have described, he might not call at all, and be waiting for you to call HIM to apologize for your actions (which he definitely deserved) on the phone.

You have your reasons why you want to remain in a friendship/relationship with a man that not many people seem to like, and if it's gnawing at you that you feel you might lose him as a friend, and it's important to you to save the friendship/relationship, you can call or email him to invite him to meet for coffee, etc., and start to slowly rekindle your relationship. Don't bring up the birthday again, as it might just infuriate you, and then, him, and don't bring up the phone call, either. Pretend it didn't happen, and play it by ear. See how he reacts.

If you get no response or he's not interested in seeing you, after you make the invitation, it's probably time to move on.

I hope things work out the way you'd like them to!

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