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I would like Kimberley F to answer my it is ongoing. If

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I would like Kimberley F to answer my it is ongoing. If you know from my previous q, I wrote to A?? as you suggested and told him how he had made me feel and I had fallen in love with him. I also said how hurt I had been and I did understand that he still had feelings towards his x. I ended it by saying that he deserved to be happy and to take care. A?? got back to within 5 days via text and had said that it was a moving letter and that he was struggling to respond. He claimed he knew how I must of felt... Does he feel anything for me, if he actually acknowledged my letter? And what do I do now??

Hi Reenie,


Thank you for requesting my assistance. By replying he is showing that he cared and still may care how you feel about things or else he would not have responded at all now with that being said, respond with thank you and that you needed to let your feelings be known then don't do anything right now give him time to think about what you wrote. You don't want him to come back out of obligation you want him to want to come back to you. Take this time to think about what went wrong, even though you can't go back into the past to change the reason the breakup occurred, you can learn from the mistake and try to grow from it. Show him what he liked about you in the first place and if that means just being his friend for now he will see eventually what it was that attracted him to you. Just don't make yourself seem needy. Stay strong, let him see that you are okay by yourself, and show everyone around you that you have self confidence and you are happy with yourself. Seeming needy or desperate will only push him further away, so make sure to keep your confidence. Wait at least another week without contact and then call him out of the blue and ask how he is doing? Don't talk about the relationship at all, this way you will make sure you stay fresh in his mind without seeming needy or desperate. See how that goes before make your decision about anything else.

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