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I really need to somehow find peace with this problem.. My

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I really need to somehow find peace with this problem.. My daughter insisted on including at the bottom of her wedding shower invitation where she is registered. I read the etiquette book after the fact and the invites are already out and then I find out that the book says it is in poor taste to include that. I am really embarassed and this is a social community. The invites have gone out and not even the future mom in law says a thing. Too late but I feel terrible.I can't say anything to my daughter or she will panic. I am sick about this. I thought it was okay to do. Number 2 worry is my daughter invited 100 couples to the shower and she didn't think about the poor 15 hosts having to pay for all the food and liquor. I didn't realize it was a couples shower and the future mom in law didn't tell her no. Again I am so embarassed about this too. How can I get through this. My daughter lives in the same town as the in laws and fiance. I live 5 hours away and she didn't consult me.

It used to be that ettiquette dictated tha tyou did not put register information, but brides soon relaized that if they didn't post the register information somewhere, they would never get the things they wanted and only get the things people thought a new couple should get. Putting the register is a good way for people to get what they really want, and it's not considered such a faux pas as it used to be. I would not worry about it. Do not say anything to your daughter about it, she likely spoke to others who think about more modern wedding rules.

I'm not clear on the second question, are you saying that you are not able to pay for that many people, or the hosts are not able to pay? Who are the people hosting it?

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