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I caught a guy I was interested in pleasuring himself in my

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I caught a guy I was interested in pleasuring himself in my car at my home after I turned him down fro sex. I never told him I knew what he was doing. Should I? He has been really mean to me since then.


Yes you should and if you don't feel comfortable around him since then and he is being mean chalk it up to a learned experience and move on you don't need anyone that selfish in your life. You want someone understanding and caring and who will meet you half way if need be.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

My question was is this something that can effect a mans ego to cause thsi outburst in him It's easier said than done to move on. I feel if you care about someone I want to know what is making him so mean for no reason. Men are not good an communicating we all know that.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I was not satisfied with this answer


My mistake I thought when you said "you were interested in" that you meant you had broken up with each other usually were is past tense, I'm sorry. If you still like him then talk to him about it tell him you notice him doing that in the car and ask him if sex is that important to him and why he may be a sex addict and cannot help it. Yes you're right some men aren't good at communicating their feelings or don't feel comfortable. If the outburst only have to do with sex and when he is not getting any gratification from you then it could be he has a sex addiction. If you could get him to explain why he got so mad it may answer alot of questions for you.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

His out bursts are not about sex. We are not in a "relationship" meaning we are not dating I told him no sex unless we are commited. His outburst of meaness are random and unprovoked like this is how he gets my attention because I tell him I like him buit I do not chase after him.



Thank you for clearing that up for me. It may not be common place for him to have outbursts he may just feel frustrated because he feel you will not give him a chance, he may be confused as to why you say you like him but then you don't show him that you like him like most women would. He may get the idea that you are showing him mixed signals you say you like him but then don't show it which isn't a bad thing don't be afraid to wait until you are ready and you think he is serious about a relationship with you, this makes you unique and men like what they think they cannot have and it makes them want it more. He is now getting frustrated so what you can do is talk to him about how you are feeling and explain to him why you want to take it slow. I wouldn't tell him that you saw him doing that it will embarrass him and he may run being too ashamed to show his face to you again. I think it (masturbation in the car) was just a sign that his is very attracted to you physically though men don't normally display that in public or in their car they will usually wait until alone at home or in a bathroom. I would let it go unless you saw him do that again then I would talk to him about it just to make sure that you aren't getting someone that has an issue with doing that.

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