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Okay heres my problem im stressing about at the moment and

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Okay here's my problem i'm stressing about at the moment and need some good advice. My boyfriend and i got into argument a month back resulting in a no contact order by the judge. Okay so we got all that situated or what have you, and we are fine. My issue is, is that since we cannot see eachother for another month or so, I had to take our daughter over to his grandparents and then he went to get her. When i got there to drop her off, his grandma had asked me what was going on as to why i couldn't stay and wait for him, and i told her we got into an argument and he went to jail for the night and there was a nocontact order now. I didnt' know that she didn't know anything. And after i kinda told the basic details as to why i'm dropping her off, she'd mentioned she talked to my boyfriends mom and she just said something happened??
Hi again,

I'm sorry to hear you're stressing, but you already said this to his grandma, not knowing she didn't know about it, and you can't take your words back, so the situation is out of your control. He can't really blame you, if he didn't mention to you specifically that he never told his grandma this happened. It was logical that she would ask why you wouldn't stay to visit, or stay to see him, etc., when you dropped your daughter off. If he makes a big deal of it, because he's upset that his grandma found out in this manner, just apologize and learn a lesson for the future: if you're not sure who knows what, don't say anything.

Your 'mistake' was very understandable, and if I were in your situation, unless someone told me otherwise, I would assume his grandma knew the circumstances, too, since you made up to 'exchange' your daughter at her house!

Don't stress about it; it's done and over with, and it was a lesson learned.

I hope everything works out for you in the future.

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