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I cant trust my girlfriend anymore...

Resolved Question:

Hi.. I've been seeing this woman now for 6 months. We are both 26. We have had many many good times w/ one another thus far. Not even one fight between us.

In the beginning we talked about trust and how its so important etc...

Well, Thru the course of the relationship she has been getting text messages late at night when we are in bed. I let it slide for SOO long. The last time it happened I told her I didnt like it and she said its someone who she dosent even talk to anymore. So that was that.

NOW, last night she went out with some friends to a party. She calls me at 1:30 Am drunk and tells me she is sleeping at her friends house. The only question I asked is who was going to be sleeping over - she said just her and her friend, who is a girl. I left it at that and havent talked to her since.

Now I got this feeling in my gut thats going off like fireworks thats she is cheating on me.

What should I do here. It hurts.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Cher replied 8 years ago.

I don't blame you for feeling like she may not be telling the entire truth, considering the text messages in the past, but if you feel you know her quite well and you and she have always been honest with each other, it would be best to trust her this time, unless and until you can prove what she told you is not the truth.

If you can work it into the conversation the next time you're with any of her friends who were at the party and/or the friend who's house she slept over, ask about who was there, and did they have a good time, how drunk did she get, in a laughing, friendly way, etc., and you might find out some information, if she wasn't completely truthful with you.

I think, if this is bothering/hurting you so much, you really need to just ask her about it. Ask her if she's happy with your relationship, because it certainly seems like she is, and you are too, but if she ISN'T happy, you'd expect her to discuss it with you.

I hope everything works out well for you both.

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