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Carol Kryder
Carol Kryder, Family Therapist
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Marriage and Family Therapist - 20 years working with families, couples, children
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Twin Rivarly

Resolved Question:

I have a twin sister.who lost her job and then she was in an accident and didnt work for three years..i helpd her all that i could..i just felt i was giving and giving and giving..and the relationship has been this way for years..she got a large, large settlement of $500,000 dollars..and gave me $100 dollars and said that she didnt owe me anything! So I said FINE!!

We go to bingo once a week...Now she wants part of winnings when i win!! I told her "i dont owe you anything!"" and because i am not letting her Use me anymore she is angry!! I recently lost my job and she still wants money from me!! I just dont get it!! I am extremely upset at the way she treats me...but yet i let her keep coming back into my life!! I also have an abusive husband and am now having financial problems..i dont know where to turn!! all my friends say to Stay Away from your sister....This has been the worst christmas ever...i do have a handicapped son and two grandchildren that i adore!!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Carol Kryder replied 8 years ago.
Hello Mary Ann: It sounds to me like your problems don't end with your sister. You have financial problems, an abusive sister and an abusive husband. You may wish to ask yourself why you allow this to happen. You need to be able to set limits with people and detach from their anger at you. Just because someone is angry at you does not mean you are wrong. This is best explored in therapy with a therapist you can trust. Please call someone right now and get started on this. You will be very happy that you did. I wish you well. Take care.
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