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Follow up. So is there nothing I can do but sit around and

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Follow up. So is there nothing I can do but sit around and hope that she contacts me? I was thinking of changing my profile picture to one with a girl and myself and even changing my relationship status? does this help or hurt my chances? I want to make her jealous but I dont want to push her away. She knows I can get girls, cheating was a huge part of our break up. Also she messaged my friend on facebook, who isnt really friends with her and was bragging about living in Florida.. do you think she just did this to make sure I found out she was down there? thanks.
It's definitely possible that she was simply bragging. If you change your relationship status, or show a picture of you with a girl, it might definitely hurt your chances. You would be better off taking a picture with a few girls and posting that, which would probably make her jealous, but you could say you were at a party, and not with one particular girl. Sort of a safer way to make her jealous.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Do you think I am reading too much into things? My friend and I found it very wierd that she would start talking to him and Im hoping that is a good thing her only connection to him is me. She just changed her profile picture to her laughing and dancing, what are the chances she is just putting on an act that she is so happy without me? I look at her profile all the time, from a girls point of view do you think she does the same? tough questions I know, but thanks., if she reached out to him and that's not something she normally does, then yes it could be that she's sending messages through him to you....and based on what she's saying it could only be either

a. to make you think about her because she still cares
b. she's still mad and wants you to see that she's doing well without you

either way, the emotion is still there. If there was no emotion she would just drop out of sight and not care what you knew or didn't know.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.


my birthday was last week and I didnt hear anything from her, but im almost thinking if I did hear from her it would be because she was over me. She told me no contact for a year, is that so she can get over me? just found out She also blocked the girl that I came to Australia with from facebook, but unblocked me. they were never friends and dont know eachother, any idea why she would block her?

Hard to say, maybe a personal issue? Happy birthday, I'm sorry she didn't reach out to you, even if things are not good right now, you would think she would send you well wishes for your birthday. A year is a long time to go without contact, if it's a relationship problem, a month or two at the most. I would drop her a note and tell her that you missed her on your birthday and see if she responds.