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now shannon has unblocked me from facebook and obviously looked

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now shannon has unblocked me from facebook and obviously looked at my profile. Any idea what is going on? she told me that it was over and she was moving on. but when i see her I can see it in her eyes. I just think everyone wants her to leave me because I was bad news. but i do love her and cant seem to get over her. Have i piqued her interest by not talking to her? do I have any chance? thanks
Hi again Donny,

Its too soon to tell. The fact that she unblocked you from her facebook is a good thing. I still think that you should give her the space she asked for. It's possible she's confused that you've actually done it ans is starting to think of you, but you have to let her make the first step and come to you or you could be back at square one. You can't assume to read her mind or her eyes, you can only go by what she says, but even more so by what she does

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Just wondering if you got to read the whole story. It was so long that i had to send it in three parts and the answer only really adress's the last part. i want to pay but i just want to make sure that you got to read the whole story, thanks
Hi Donny,

Yes, I did read all the parts. I was a little confused what her friends point was in emailing you, but yes, I did read it all. If you have more to add feel free.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.



ya very weird situation. I hope I get her back but only time will tell. I think youre right to let her make the first move, she didnt send me anything on my birthday which was a week ago, but i wasnt expecting anything. do you think her and her best friend are still friends? It sounded like they arent.

Hi Donny,

I noticed you left neutral feedback saying that I didn't give enough info. I can only respond to the information I am given, and if you ever need more info all you have to do is ask me to clarify. Keep in mind you put all the other info into three other posts instead of posting everything into one email.

In response to what you wrote, letting her make the first move is the best, XXXXX XXXXX she already knows that's you want to be with her...if she makes the first move, at least then you know that she wants to be with you. As for her friend, don't trust it, especially if they have been friends a long time, it could be a set up.