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I am a college student and I asked a girl a question about

Customer Question

I am a college student and I asked a girl a question about my final today and she completely made me feel dumb/embarrassed in front of people? I am having mixed emotions right now because I had to tell my professor I needed more time and he didn't seem to happy. I have never done anything to to upset anyone in my class, in fact I am very quiet. I never really ask questions and I have a very close tight net group of friends who I trust very much. However, I stepped outside my box today to try and get help and I basically got the cold shoulder from a girl in my class. It was the first time i talked to her all year and she was just made me feel so dumb. I don't have any feelings towards her other than getting help and I have been in a relationship since i was 14 with the same beautiful girl. She tried to explain to me she was just being a complete jerk. It was just very weird to not have anyone willing to help me and the one guy who did I think did it out of sympathy because she was so rude to me. It really is bothering me because my team member Garret is good friends with her, but I don't like Garret because he acts the same way. What am i supposed to feel? I felt she insulted me and it really hurt.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Ms Chase replied 8 years ago.
Hello Amp,

Do you normally get upset if people are rude with you, or did this particular incident bother you more than normal?

What year college are you in?