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My husband asked for a divorce July 2007 and has a girlfriend

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My husband asked for a divorce July 2007 and has a girlfriend which my lawyer says is ok, and who our 5 year old son sees together. I've had a boyfriend for last 5 months who lives in another state. He's coming to see us but I said it would be better my son didn't see us sleeping in the same room/bed. My boyfriend said he didn't want to feel he had to hide our relationship. Do you think that it would have a negative effect on my son if he did know? If so, how negative wold the effect be?


If he is meeting your boyfriend for the first time it isn't a good idea for him to meet him and then he is sleeping in bed with you, with that being said your husband has moved on and your son sees them together so why can't you move on and allow your son to get to know your boyfriend. If this isn't the first time your son is seeing him then I think it would be okay as long as he didn't see the to of you being intimate. Your son has already had to adjust to so much, make this process a slow one so that he can get used to seeing you with another man other than your ex husband. Most parents don't take into consideration their children's feelings before bringing someone home and it's nice to see that you are taking your son's feelings into consideration before your own needs. The only negative affect it would have is that your his Mom and he may not want to see you with anyone but his Dad even though his Dad has move on to someone else it is different for Mom so just explain to him that just like Daddy has found someone so have you and that you want him to meet your friend and if he has already met him in person then it shouldn't bother him too much. Let him know before he meets the boyfriend that he is going to be meeting Mommy's friend. You deserve to be happy too.

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