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My 53 year old husband met a woman online over 20_ years younger

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My 53 year old husband met a woman online over 20_ years younger and fell in love with her, addicted to chatting online then bz trips (I thought) to vacation with her. They each act like they are in love and planning their future (I found out about all this in his email,,, shock!!!) He moved out and now has an apartment. At times he acts like he stiil loves me and then takes off to Spain to visit her! I am confused and afraid to initiate a divorce. He says he wants to be alone, wants out when he's angry. Driving me nuts. I loved him and this has been very hard for me. He said he did not want a divorce yet says hes wants out. I know he does not want to hurt me more than he has but isn't it better to just bite the bullet? Should I start divorce?


If he hasn't stopped seeing this woman and doesn't know what he wants that isn't you fault and you should have to pay for his indiscretions and that is exactly what is happening he is still having his fun and you are sitting at home stressed about what to do about your marriage. It is him that is not honoring your vows and marriage you shouldn't have any guilt over this but it's usually the one being cheated on that feels the most guilty when it should be the guilty party feeling the affects of the affair. I would go ahead with divorce proceedings and move on with your life until he shows you that he is willing to do whatever it takes to fix his marriage he is just going to continue to lead you on and then start an argument just so that he can go see the other woman. You deserve better than he is giving you and has given you since seeing this woman, show him that you are not going to be play for a fool and wait around for him to be done with the other woman.

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