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I would like someone who knows whats been going on with me

Customer Question

I would like someone who knows what's been going on with me to answer this. Does a new expert know all my info from before? Anyway my Uncle drove by this guy's house, he was in his van and so was PHYSCO( he was taking her to work). My Uncle and I were in his new van, I was hiding in the back. He probably would have wanted to take a ride then I could have talked to him but he was taking her to work. Well, it does kind of seem like some of this may be he is in denial. He said maybe I got the herpes from my ex-husband. That's not possible say my doctors because my infection was new and my body didn't even make antibodies to it yet. It's been 3 years since I've had sex with my ex and he and this man are the only 2 men I've ever had sex with. He doesn't have any symptoms so he's having a hard time excepting that he was how I got this. He also told my Uncle ( supposed to be best friends since childhood, didn't see each other for 128 days) that this woman has or had not sure when he saw it red bumps down in her private area ( I know they did have sex when we were broken up for 5 weeks). He said he questioned her but she said she doesn't know, she also, he told me this after I got herpes from him that she had red bumps on her face. This guy (who was my boyfriend) never came back after he found out from me that he gave me herpes
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Ms Chase replied 8 years ago.
it seems like you got cut off, can you finish your question?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi, Chase this isCustomerand I did get cut off. Anyway my Uncle and him were talking for a while, he went to my uncle's shed to talk with him and check out his new van. There was also some hookers like I said before so who knows where he got this, we made love for almost a year and I never got this before. I kind of think he got this while we were broke up. My Uncle was able to convince him to get a blood test for this, then he can see how long he had it and if he has antibodies or not. He was saying to my Uncle that I am a good kid (he jokes with me sometimes too, I am 10 years younger than him). He didn't say anything about not loving me anymore or not wanting to be my boyfriend and he did say he will always want to be my friend. So he's not really blaming me, I also found out from my uncle that he knows I would never cheat on him. He also does know how much I love him and he had a big smile on his face and his eyes lite up when my uncle told him, that I still love him. I also rewrote my letters that I put on his van in case he never got them, he did but I don't think he got to read them all the way because Psycho also saw them and was complaining. I didn't sign my name so she probably knows it was me but I am not sure. I also added some things to them so he'd have more info, like about the antibodies.I think he just needs time, I just wish I could see him it's been about 70 days. I really love this guy and miss him. He had already started to read my letters before he left the shed and said he would. He also said he took his new job $2 less than last one to get away from Psyco ( the kid's mom still living there, 28 year old son still there too).His landlord raised his rent to $1150 from $850 a month. He had to get 2 molars pulled $250 out of pocket and needs 2 more pulled in a lot of pain from that. Also just started his new job. I have no idea when I will get to see him. One thing he said that bothered me though is he said oh well when my uncle said I want an apology and answers. I guess he just means oh well she's going to have to wait, just because he said that doesn't mean he doesn't love me. I think he does, this herpes thing, ( and he is a worry wart to start with )is clouding his vision and becoming overwhelming to him). I'm so thankful to God and my uncle that he is finally going to get a test. He said he didn't know where to go I got info for him.(I'll give it to my uncle to give to him). And he's afraid of Physco finding out, if he has it but she doesn't she may use it against him. He also said in the beginning talking about that things change , I don't know what that meant, I think it means the thing that happened the herpes, not his feelings, I think there's still a chance for us, this is just relly overwhlminmg to him right now. And he said he didn't want to hurt my feelings when he drove away from me, he was not ready to talk.What should I do now? I love him and I don't want to mess this up. Thank you. I wanted to add something else he said that confirms just how overwhelmed he must be, he said if I was pregnant he could handle that better. Would someone please answer my questions, it's been days. My uncle has seen him twice now it seems like he may actually be ready to make a move now. He said physco is up to her old tricks again doing drugs with one of her drug friends while he is at work. He asked her if she cared about raising her daughter, I guess she really doesn't she said she has her own thing doing drugs and she's tired of staying home it's boring. My uncle said in 2 weeks my neice will be divorced then you 2 can get married he smiled real big. He said he's tired of her ways and needs to figure out what to do. His son told him he knows she's doing drugs again. My uncle said about him coming out later on he wanted to but she said he's not going out anymore tonight. Like she's his boss. They got in an arguement in my uncle's van (they picked her up from work) her ex friend that wants me to be with him said she's only working because she has to she's on parole, the man heard this from my uncle he agreed. He said he doesn't care if she goes back to jail ( in a way he does but only because of his daughter). She will probably hang herself again he said. Another thing besides just doing drugs again, she missed a counseling appointment, that may extend her parole or put her back in jail or increase her fines. The money she makes is only going to her fines. Is it okay for me to write him a love letter? I just don't know how to deliver it, probably through my uncle or use restricted mail so I know he gets it? He read my other letters, and was going to keep them in his locker at work but he's such a worry wart, he thought if something happened to him she'd see them. So he read and slowly destroyed them. He said he remembers everything they said. Those were mostly dealing with herpes, weren't all about love and were written in a hurry. He told my uncle he had something important to do today, but didn't say what maybe he'll show up at my house. He only has good things to say about me, so I'm sure it's just a matter of time. He still didn't get a blood test so maybe that's it. Uncle told him about a place I found you don't need a doctors order and it's only $49, he said that sounds good.