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my ex girlfriend text me recently saying she doesnt want me

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my ex girlfriend text me recently saying she doesnt want me to hate her cos i had a very nasty message sent to my email from her email. She said she didnt send the message that someone hacked into her email and sent the msg. She seem to be very sorry about it and she started telling me about her present relationship and how nasty her boyfriend is nasty to her and doesnt even allow her to go out with her friend. She said she miss me alot and have been thinking about me. And also miss the simple life we use to have. The truth is i still love her alot and want her back, can you please advice me on how to go about this knowing she still thinks about me and is there any chance of us getting back together?


Yes there is always a chance to rekindle your romance but you have to tell her that you won't do that until she breaks free from this guy she is dating now, tell her she deserves better than what she is getting from this guy. If you start seeing her while she is with this guy the guy may not react very well and it may result in violence either towards you or the ex girlfriend and you want to avoid that. You never want to go into a relationship with someone that has alot of baggage because that baggage will only follow. Tell her that you miss and want her back but only if she is free from the guy she is seeing. It was probably him who sent the mean email to you and she just doesn't want to tell you that because she is afraid of what you might do. Just be careful that she wasn't talking for the moment and that she really feels that way about you. You have to be completely honest about you feelings for her so that she knows you feel the same way that she does but like I said tell her she needs to break free from that guy if she wants to have a relationship with you. She may need help breaking up with that guy if he is as mean as she says you don't want him taking his frustrations out on her. Proceed with caution!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks for your message. Do you recommend i invite her out to somewhere open to tell her i want her back or just send her an email? And how should i approach the message to her?


No sending her an email is not a good idea AT ALL because you know for a fact that someone (I think her boyfriend) is hacking her emails probably to keep track of who she talks to. I would invite her to lunch not dinner so that it doesn't seem like date and then tell her how you feel about her and that you want her back.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am about to send my ex girlfriend a message inviting her for lunch with me. what the best way to draft it so as not to spoil anything. Remember i want to ask her to get back with me. thanks


Ask her at lunch about getting back together just ask her to lunch through the message but don't tell her what you want to talk about that is something you need to do face to face. Don't get discouraged if she turns you down it may mean that now is not a good time for or the boyfriend is near her.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
should i call her or send her a message for the invitation


I think you should call her so that her friend can not intercept the message that you send and then say to her I was wondering if you would like to catch some lunch sometimes and catch up and talk. See if she replies with a yes and then sit down and think about everything you want to talk about with her and ask her, make sure you are completely honest about your feelings.