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my husban tells his family our issues when he is mad,so therefore

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my husban tells his family our issues when he is mad,so therefore they assume we are an unhappy couple and they want us to part and will not try to see we are the average couple and we are very happy and our friends are just shocked with disbelief they are on this mission. I love my husban and we have only been married two years so we did have adjustment issues and he should not have told his family any personal stuff but he has now what
Hello Justme

What are your ages?

What kinds of things has he told them?

Who in his family does he tell it to?

Have they come out and said they want you to break up?

Have you talked to him about it? if so what was his response?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

his 54 and i am 55....he is a business owner and his office help was at lake and ran into his sister and was told to give him a message to leave me because he was unhappy he tell his parents that maybe i stay up to late spend too much money anything that bugs him that day also he is a person who has mod swings maybe not bipolor but sometype of personality disorder and his moods can change we have bee on pins and needles and can tell this is not time to talk due to his moods i know usually when but not now.


Thank you for that additional info

Did they tell him?

What was his response to that incident?

Do you think he's interested in leaving you?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

his response the day his his help told him i went in for lunch anch as usual and he said he did not love me he thought he was loosing his self but since he tells me he loves me we have had party with friends and we have done things we have had sex and have not had a fight or or anything

he is some days and some days not i do believe he loves me but i am not sure how to get threw this because he does have some type of mental issue based upon these moods and they were there and we have progressed a long ways in two years with his temper and and such

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I Love my husan,his sister lives in anoter town as I here from the brothers wife she did the same stuff to sister in law years ago so they moved way a way and we are close . I have signed a prenup so I leave with nothing weather he is dies or we divorce. So this is was done on mart for love. I have moved to a town i know no one ...this has been a new start for me.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i have to be off here at 1140 and will not be able to be able to get back on till mid afternoon. this is a small town that has no therpy office and i have no job and as i have given up everything i know or had to come here .MY husban was in a 10 year very abusive very nutty relationship with a gal who was employed at his store it was the reason he ended his 25 year marriage and he says he wants a normal life now.we go camping and i do believe we have something worth keeping.

Thanks for that additional info. You may want to talk to him and let him know that h is family is probably very on guard about his relationships because of the last one he had. Let him know that if there's a problem, that you would like for the two of you to solve it before he talks to anyone else about it because you really want his family to like you. Also, that you feel that if all they are h earing are the bad things then they will think that everything in the marriage is bad. Be sure to let him know you love him, and that you are willing to work on any problems that the two of you have, that you want him to be happy and you want to be happy as well. Let him know that his family telling his employees to leave you was very saddening to you and you felt embarrassed about it that so many people would be in your personal life. You made oaths to each other, not to friends and family, and the two of you should keep your problems between the two of you. I'm sorry you signed a pre-nup, and hope that you will be ok, should anything happen to him. You might want to consider opening a bank account and putting money away just in case....even if that means getting a small part time job. I hope this helps. Let me know if you want to talk more.


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