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I have a friend whose name isXXXXX (US ...

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I have a friend whose name isXXXXX (US citizen) who left Philadelphia Airport on May 8 8:30 am for Nigeria for doing business and arrived there May 9.Unfortunately she was arrested because carrying over $350,000.00 cash. She has a lawyer in Nigeria whose name isXXXXX over there and his cell phone number is XXXXX I have sent her money to take care of legal problems over there. She is anxious to return to USA.Can you find out any personal informations about Miss Sansra Brent?Thanks you very much. Sincerely XXXXX XXXXX Lin


Can I ask you a few questions?

How do you know Miss Brent?

How did you meet her?

Why was she carrying such a great deal of money on her?

How did you send the money and who did you send it to?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I knew her from starting May 3. Her username is XXXXX XXXXX 6, she told me to go to Nigeria to buy some mining materials. I told her to take her to Philadelphia airport, she told me that she had a taxi and carried to airport. But I can pick her up next Monday, May 11. However she was arrested. Friday I had a Spam mail from Mr. Afolabi Oluseyi, her lawyer and told me she carried $350,000.00 cash and plus more than 25000.00 check and got arrested. Since then she kept asking me money to bride(buy) the immigration judge and other things. I sent her about 9500.00 in total. Right now she asked 1318.00 for BTA(British Travel allowance) so she will be back to Philadelphia and pay me back the money.However I never meet this lady and know nothings about her personal informations. No matter how I ask and no matter how many times. One time she gave me the address isXXXXX Clementon,NJ. Actually that is Camden County Extension service building. I hoe this is not a Scam. If I can find her real address,I could risk 1328.00 get get back all my money.She ask me to meet her in the Philadelphia when she returns.I hope I Do not bore you at all.If I can find some real personal informations about her,I can risk 1328.00. If you need more informations,please let me know.Her email [email protected] you very much.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The lawyer, Mr. Afolabi Oluseyi, asked me to send the money through MoneyGram. To Olalere O Lekan ,5 high court, City Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria on 5/11/08, 5/15/08, 5/17/08, 7/9/08, 7/10/08 and 7/29/08. I had all the receipts with transaction number.


I am very very sorry, I do not have good news. This was and is a scam. The addresses she gave you are false and with a service building. The name she has given you was false as well. In fact her email address and user name has been reported to other sites as scam addresses. The lawyer she gave you is also not real nor his address. These is a Olalere O Lekan, but he is dead, and this name has been also associated with Nigerian Scams.

These con artist search the Internet to find people looking for relationships then build up a trust with them. Then there is always some emergency that they need money for. Often it is the I was arrested line. It is one of the more popular scams.

These people (And I will say people as more often then not they are men posing as women) change screen names, email addresses and phone numbers quickly to prevent being tracked down. Money Gram is the easiest way for them to get their money and will often request this or Western Union. Though in a bind they will sometimes accept checks.

I am sorry, I know this is frustrating and hard right now........but do not send them anymore money. You will not get this money back and you will never see this girl. What I would suggest is calling your local police and FBI center and filing a complaint. Do not send any emails to the lawyer, allow the FBI to handle it. Since this was a newer scam they may be able to track them down. These cases are hard to break since there are millions of these scams going on right now and Nigeria is not working with the US to put a stop to it.

I am sorry, I wish I could give you a address to track her down. The reality is this women does not exist and is a scam artist.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
My one last question. Even I go to Philadelphia airport and tell them May 8, Thursday 8:30 am with the name Miss Sandra Brent, can they give me the address if the person does exist.Thanks.


I am sorry, that would be private information and even if she did exist they could not give you that information. You could go there and watch for her if you have a picture, but to be honest this would be a waste of your time and money as she does not exist.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I am very sorry to bother you again.I forgot to ask you.How about the lawyer, Mr. Afolabi Oluseyi,The lawyer office, and the cell phone. They did use that cell phone to call my home phone in the early morning.I did not answer.No message left.Are those real?They have my home address,home phone numer and cell phone,will they keep coming to make threat to me?I would like to get your opinon. Thank you very much.


No need to apologize, I am more then happy to help you. I just wish we had met, before you sent the first money. I think cell phone is likely real........though it is probably though a fake name as well. The lawyers office is not a office, a abandoned building that mail is still delivered at is the top spot for these scam artistes.

As for them having your information, yes they will likely make some threats. This is one of there normal routines. When you fail to send any money the stories will get wilded, they may tell you she is being beaten or raped or they will kill her if you do not pay the money. This is all false. When that does not work they will try intimidation or threaten you or your family. Keep in mind, these people are thousands of miles away and are not going to waste the money to come out and try to harm you. It is just a tactic they will use. If it gets to much, let them know you are working with the FBI, never show them fear. Laugh it off and tell them to take it up with the FBI's office.

Once they realize the well is dry they will move on. I wish this did not happen, I know how hard it is to lose that kind of money. I would take all your information to the police as well. If you need anything else please let me know.


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