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i met this guy at a bar and i was to drunk to drive to he ...

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i met this guy at a bar and i was to drunk to drive to he told my friend that he would take me home along with his friends since he was DD. He took me back to his place and we started talking about ourselves and watched some T.V, we eventually hooked up. In the morning he took me to my car and as i was getting out he asked if i wanted his number and of course i did but i didnt want to push anything especially if it was just gonna be a one nighter. Well i would call him once a day to see whats up and all. We would talk about different things and then he would have to go because he was always out with friends and i didnt want to intrude and get into his space. I was wondering if he is interested since we havent hung out since that night but we do talk every now and then and if he doesnt answer i dont leave messages or anything. So what do you think?


The fact that he asked you if you wanted his number means he is intrested.......when a man is not interested he will not offer up anything. He will let the women ask and if she does not then he is off the hook.

Since caller id is so popular right now, if he was not interested he would simply not answer the phone. Guys can be callas sometimes but seldom will they continue talking to a girl they are not interested in. Since you are talking once a day, why not ask him out?

Women in todays society are encouraged to ask a guy out regardless of how long they have known each other. And it releases the burden off of the guy who may be a little shy about doing so. Since you have already been intimate the guy has that pressure of worrying if you want to see him again.

I would suggest asking him out for coffee or a drink, you can put it like getting together to talk. Make it early enough that it can move on to dinner if you both want as well. If everything is going well ask him if he wants to grab a bite to eat or see a movie. I would also be up font and honest, that is not saying you should ask for a relationship, but let him know you like him and are attracted to him. Tell him you would like to start seeing each other if he likes. This puts the ball back in his court as well..........if he wants to start dating then he can ask you out sometime. If not then he can come off with a excuse, like he is really busy or something. Men are pretty good at silly excuses so if he pops off with one then you know where you stand.

Life is to short to play the back and forth do we like each other game. You are both adults and as such if you like each other be honest. If not then you are not wasting your time thinking about him.


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