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Hello Long story short my first boyfriend from hig school

Resolved Question:

Hello Long story short my first boyfriend from hig school that I dated for 2 years was also friends with my husband. As years went by we lost track of each other and just yesterday he came over for dinner withhis 2nd wife. I was nervous to se ehim I would have to admit after all he had been my first love and wondered what he thought of me. In high school I was lets just say not ugly but very plain ... Since then high school friends dont recognize me- I became a model, won pageants etc. Anyways, he and his wife came over and I love dhis wife. She was so sweet and nice that I would like to get to know her better. We hit it off and seemed like someone whom I can call as a friend. The problem was when my ex came through my house he didnt say hi nor bye and had eye conatct with eveyrone else but me. I am so confused that this made it very awkard for me and now I am not sure if I should befriend his wife since I dont want him acting that way everytime.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  KimberlyF replied 9 years ago.



I wouldn't read anything negative into it since you said in school your were plain and now you are hot he may have been attracted to you and didn't want to let himself feel that way because he is married and he may have thought if he started staring at you he couldn't stop and out of respect for his wife he didn't want to make eye contact it's okay that he found you attractive but as long as he doesn't touch or it doesn't go any further than that. I would contact the wife you two can be friends without it being awkward and maybe if you start talking to him first he will feel more comfortable about making eye contact.

I really don't see where he would interfere with his wife and you being friends trying calling and asking her to lunch one day and take it from there it will probably take some time for him to get use to the way you look now seeing it is such a drastic change from High School. Just give him some time to get over the fact that he let such a hot woman go he may be kicking himself for not staying with you but you both have moved on you have to show him just that, tell him that was the past and you would like move on to the future and maybe him and your husband could become friends also.

After he gets over the initial shock things will get better I think he just needs some time maybe invite them over a couple more times for dinner and you initiate a conversation with him and this will help him feel more comfortable around you now. He will see that though your looks have changed your personality did not.

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