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Customer Question

Thank you and Attention Maureen,
> I have been plagued by this question for, well, now five years. The police
> keep telling me "kids will be kids so don't encourage them by taking
> pictures". Wow. I have had golf balls directed and bounced off and denting
> the back of my home: dents still intact dented into my home.(I can send you
> pictures of the dents and window) I even had a back bedroom window (my
> computer and hobby room) SHOT thru my porch greenhouse on the side of my
> home. Thank god I don't have windows in my back direction facing this Lions
> Club; my greenhouse plastic was razor slashed two years ago (all unproven
> coincidences according to official sources even tho they happened within a
> few days of my complaint about the lovely children (at least one who happens
> to be the grandchild of a person who ran for county commissioner)).
> I have been told by the police number there is no ordinanance about horns or
> noise in Cosmopolis...perhaps I could pay for the equipment...Today I was
> told children under twelve cannot be held responsible for cursing or using
> foul language. I suggested the responsible adults for them could be. With
> no response. I have searched and searched for an RCW in WA. I found one for
> Seattle which might be a recommendation to the city council to adopt. As I
> understand, if there is no city or county law, the state and federal law
> apply....
> I sent pictures of the kids actually caught in the act of pumping their arms
> for trucks to blast their horns to the mayor. Sorry no verbal recording
> messages of me being a "f...king b..tch" or other foul language etc. It
> stopped for a year. Now they are back. Again today I was accosted with foul
> names. The police told me today I needed a thicker skin. After all "they
> were just words" and to quit feeding children's games.. An adult actually
> flashed his most intelligent finger while waving at me with the children
> surrounding him today. When he left, he blasted his horn all the way down
> the block mom owns with some children in his truck as he left the Lions
> Club. That was after he gathered the children in a group, on the grounds of
> the Lions Club and while with them doing his thing, they all waved at me. I
> live on my mom's land I have been restoring for five years across from the
> Lion's Club property who allows summer programs for private and public child
> care. I am very afraid now.
> Two years ago I talked with every child care group who took their children
> to this Lion's Club area. And Weyerhaeuser driver supervisors (to stop the
> logging truck air horns ((was told today not all trucks drive for them by
> the police!!)). Plus the email to the mayor the year before. They had all
> agreed they would talk to every member. It stopped for a year. Now the
> harassment is back with a vengeance. I went out today to take more pictures
> since that worked before. But now the adults are participating. And I was
> told I was merely playing their games and adding to it by the police. And
> that no criminal act had been committed!!!!
> I am afraid they will do further damage to my home and property or even to
> me or my animals. All I was doing was weed-eating to continue my efforts to
> naturally and without chemicals restore mom's property about 75 feet away
> behind 30 feet of woods and within her property limits when the horns blew
> and blew. They heard I was out and began this torture again. It was about
> 2:30pm. I have allowed the trees to grow again in an attempt to limit the
> damage they can do directly across Hwy 101 which separates our properties
> (hopefully bullets and golf balls will be stopped or sent in another
> direction). So I not only called the police, I went down and talked
> personally to them.
> I am very frightened. No one here seems to care. Even more I am told I am
> contributing to this by taking pictures and complaining. I live alone. I
> take care of my home and mom's home alone. The kids who have been allowed to
> continue are getting older and today I learned they have adult support,
> which deepens my fear. I need legal help. And I am very, very frightened. I
> have been upset and distraught, crying now about this for all day long and
> for several years during the summer months. I told this to the police. All
> they said is they will contact their summer contacted supervisor. No one
> seems to care.
> Please, I hope your services can help me beyond just saying find some
> attorney. This is a logging town, a small town. People from the same
> families who are elected over and over. I don't want to end up with a bullet
> to silence my fears. They got close before, just one bedroom off. I need
> legal help.
> Please can you find me some legal advice who will care?
> Thank you,
> Robin Capps
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Ms Chase replied 9 years ago.
Hello Robin,

I have been asked to take a look at your question. I don't know if I can help, but I am going to try, ok? Let me ask you a few questions just tobe clear

You live across the street from the Lions Club and the children that you are having a problem with are the children in the afterschool program that go to the Lions Club after school, correct?

These are not your neighbors, these are after school kids?

What is your age?

Have you contacted the Lions Club? if so what was their response?

If this is after school, what time are the children there, and what time do they leave?

Are they there on the weekends?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Some children are enrolled in the Parks Dept of Cosi, some are daycare from other groups. All have been personally contacted by me in the course of the last five years. They are not my neighbors; I am 59; yes, I contacted the Club, they claim it is not their responsiblility as does everyone else I contacted. It's a summer program, they come between 9 and 10 and leave between 2 and three and no are not here on the weekends. And today I was again entertained with 5 minutes of a car honking on and off before they left blasting their horn for the entire block. I am at the point of sueing. This is harrassment, plain and simple. Page 60 of the DOL clearing indicates when horn usage may and may not be used. I have received two phone calls tonight hanging up. Now what?
Expert:  Ms Chase replied 9 years ago.

I see that you've opened another question and are talking to one of our legal experts. If you want to talk to me let me know, I can help you with the emotional aspect and coping, but I cannot give you legal advice. If you want to talk to me let me know, likewise, if you want to close this question let me know that too.


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