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I have been seeing this wonderful guy since the first of ...

Resolved Question:

I have been seeing this wonderful guy since the first of May. He works long hours and so do I. So, pretty much, the only time we get to see each other is over the weekend between answering emails and fielding phone calls for work. He seems really excited and happy to see me, and says that he wants to be with me more, but it's like pulling teeth to make it happen. Should I move on?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Lindie replied 9 years ago.



You ask if you should move on, only you can decide that in the end. But keep in mind that if you both have only been seeing each other since May, that's only about 6 weeks. If he is really a wonderful guy, and you feel you want more. Then keep in mind it takes time. Less than 2 months of knowing and getting to know someone is much too soon to expect things more than friendship at this time. And if he is starting to like you, then the time of knowing him is pretty much on track. The down side being that you both work and work a lot of hours. Most people only get together on weekends. Perhaps you both can set up a day during the week, to help break up the long work week. I don't know what each of you do for a living etc. but he needs to eat supper, and if he works late perhaps you can make a picnic lunch and meet him at work for an hour. Or go near a park for his lunch hour etc.

Find out about when his Vacation is, and try to plan something for that time. Or plan a weekend get away. Go to an amusement park, or whatever you both enjoying doing. Something to get away for a day or a night and a day. But if something is possible for long term with this guy, then you do want to take it slow and make sure you both do get a long etc. If he's a worker and prefer to work vs enjoying time (when he is really able to) then perhaps he's not the right guy for you. As you need more in a relationship. But with such a short time of being together, you both still need space and to see where this relationship takes you. As you don't want to rush anything.

I hope this helps and gives you some things to think about to make the right choice for you.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
What you say echos in my heart. I guess I just need to learn to trust myself, huh?. Thank you so much. He is a wonderful guy, I am just afraid of losing out to his work. Thank You!