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i am 18, been with my partner who is twenty for 3 years ...

Customer Question

i am 18, been with my partner who is twenty for 3 years now. we are about to move in together, he is talking about haveing a child..i would love to with him but i dont no if im too young or if its too soon in our relationship. whats your opinion
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  KimberlyF replied 9 years ago.



I would wait to see if things worked out between the two of you and if he is serious about you, 18 is rather soon to have a child. Although alot of people are mature at 18 there is so much more of the world to see and more things to be accomplished and a child needs alot of your attention and take money and time are you both willing to give up alot of the things you have enjoy in your young years. If the relationship is that serious then you can wait a couple of years. Talk to him to see if he can wait for the child. You have so much more living to do than to tie yourself down with a baby. The final decision is yours but be careful that you think this through totally and don't make hasty decisions. A child is for a lifetime and is someone you can give back if things aren't going the way you want them to.

If he does indeed love you he will wait and allow you to mature a little more, not to mention a baby takes alot out of your body it feeds from what you eat or drink and if you smoke they are smoking too, the main question is are you willing to make alot of sacrifice for the baby? If the answer is yes definitely then maybe you are ready but I think 18 is too young and that you should really wait to have a child maybe for marriage or financial stability and get settled into the place you are moved into. Other factors are is your neighborhood child friendly? Are there nice schools nearby? Will you family be there to support you with your child? Is your boyfriend good with children? These are things that need to be answered before you make such a huge step and a huge is the hugest step you could ever take in your life. If you have anything to add click reply.

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