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Do I fight for him or let him go

Resolved Question:

I was seeing a guy who I really liked but who was a little messed up over his ex, after about 3 months we decided to call it off because he said his head wasn''t in the right place for a relationship and he thought we could have something special so it was best to leave it for a few months, to which I asked him not to contact me at all as that is how i get over people. He has started to call me again, but he has really confusing values, as he drunkenly slept with a girl and now believes he has to make a go of it with her, even though he admitted to me she wasn''t right for him, and that i was, he seems to think that he owes her because they slept together, but seems to have no clue that by reconnecting emotionally with me, I feel he owes me too! I really care about him and can''t seem to stop answering his calls, I don''t feel its fair what he is doing, but don''t know how to make him realise. Would it be best to fight for him or let him go?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  KimberlyF replied 9 years ago.




I would say to tell him how you feel and tell him that him calling you and then staying with this female hurts you, tell him you want to be with him and you care alot about him but you will come second in his life. Ask him if he thinks the two of you have a chance. It sounds like he has made several bad choices and that if you can't stay faithful to you then he should let you go so that you can find someone that will treat you like gold. As far as fighting for him I don't know how much fighting you could do he has to want to be with you shouldn't have to prove that your the right person for him as he did says that he think the two of you are better together then he needs to tell this girl and come back to you but you can't make him do that, if you want an honest relationship with him then you ahve to communicate your feelings to him and let him make up his own mind as to what he wants.

If you feel he owes it to you to get you another chance then tell him that and don't beat around bush come right out and say that. If he can not stop seeing the other female then I would let him go and not wait for him until he is free from any kind of relationship and can give you all of him. If you have anything to add or still need my help click reply.

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