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my dad doesnt know how to talk to family without

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my dad doesn't know how to talk to family without saying something negative he only designates his authority over them and delegates his chores to somebody else i live with him because he pulled me out of college he cited mental reasons and had me diagnosed schizo affective i move out again later but he picked me up from work one day and never took me back three weeks later he took me to pick up my car and my stuff at the apartment but i lost my job i had been fired. i had no other skills. now i have a daughter. i stayed single though. im ready to go back to work but dad is a full time job i have to serve him am and pm i've had to eat dinner with him for almost 40 years obligated to eat with him my daughter is too we have to serve him and help his wife serve him faster. my daughter had to clean his car windows today. he was just acting like the three billy goats gruff he asked her to do the windows to harshly he should ask nicer. for forty years im obligated now so is daughter
Dear Catheryn,
I am sorry to hear about your ordeal,
How do you think the experts at Just Answer can you help you in this situation,
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Dear Catheryn,
             The chat got disconnected. From what you have told it seems that your father basically wants you to stay with him. Also he wants to inculcate insecurity and an inferiority complex in you. 34 years is a long time. I feel he himself has got used to this negative attitude towards you and does not realize the effect that is on your life. Since he is already on anti- depressant (Wellbutrin), it means he also has some psychological problems and maybe commitment issues.
You need to talk to him calmly that its high time that you need a life of your own. Also taking a bold step and staying away from your father, and taking up a job would be the first step. But at the same time you need to maintain some contact with your father, so that he does not feel left out and again repeats his previous behavior. Also going for counseling together would be a good idea to know why he is behaving in such a way with you.
Dr. PG

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