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Ms Chase
Ms Chase, Life Coach
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How do you forgive a mate that cheated on you when you ...

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How do you forgive a mate that cheated on you when you first got married and treated you like crap for seven years? Then after you tell her its over and you want a div. She wants to work on her problems. Shes like a pit bull just wont let go and now shes pregnet. I know it was stuppid to even be intamit with her, but she would start crying and be a total mess, it made me feel bad. And unfortunatly comforted her. Also after all this time she hardly even knows me or what i like. I have known what she likes and everything about her. This just is''nt fair, I''m just tired of it all I want to be me again I used to be happy and enjoy life. Now I just love to work and spend time with my younger brother.
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If you want to talk more, we can. You can just respond here in the question. There's no easy answers, but once you decide if you love you still love you love her enough to want to work through this. Then stay. Do whatever needs to be done to work it out. On the other hand, if your done, if the love is gone, and you could care less, then leave, it won't do you or her any good to stay.

I'm here is you want to talk more