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Ms Chase
Ms Chase, Life Coach
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Over 20 yrs experience with Relationships, Sexuality, Friendship, and Family Issues
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I have fallen in love with my best friend., We have both ...

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I have fallen in love with my best friend., We have both suffered breakdowns in the past.She is 42 and I am 59. She stayed over at mine for a few months and apart from one or two nights when we got a bit merry nothing has happened. I fear that she may now be drinking ace cider again which is a killer.she lives 1 mile away now but still seems ok about me seing her. trouble is we make constant appointments to meet but she keeps skipping them./ i refuse to give up on her. she seemed obsessed with sex when she was at mine. we were supposed to go to see band last night but she was happier warching them on internet with me,Its horrid when I go back to my flat on my own and I really dont know which way to turn. She already knows hoe I feel about her. Im working on internet to try to make money . she said she was going to take youngest daughter out but I have just been round hers and theres a light on. BU t didnt like to intrude as her daughter may be there. Im unhappy.

Hello Triff,

Your post was all over the place and confusing, maybe you can explain it to me a little more?

Have the two of you been intimate?

How does she feel about how you feel? You told her how you feel?

Why did you say you're working on the internet to make money?

How do you know that light means someone is there? Why are you checking on what she's told you?

What is your question?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Apologies if its confusing.

1. No we have not been intimate.

2. I have told her how I feel.

3. She constantly makes appointments for us to meet and then does not keep them .

4. I am in the course of seeting up some websites to help my income.(We are both on UK benefits.

5. I guess im trusting up to a point. Youre right I do and I dont. If there was someone else i would be the first to hear.

My question boils down to

If one person falls in love in a platonic relationship and the other wont reveal their true feelings how do I find out please?

Is it possible to
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Please have you come up with a suggestion yet?. I really need a lot of help . Many thanks, john
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Dear Ms Chase,

Have jsut met Tate this afternoon. Her flats in a terrible way and her daughters keep telling her what to do but wont help her in anyway. She advises me to go to seaside toen 80 miles from LOndon and Id like her to come with me. Tate reckons it will help me hang on to my sanity. Recently I had small fire at my flat and its awafull there. PLease how do I tell her I just want to be with her and no one else?

Hello Triff,

We can never know what's in the heart and mind of another person, unless they tell us, and even then we have to trust that they are telling us the truth which may not always be the case. You can ask her straight out if she thinks there can ever be anything between the two of you or you can tell her how you feel, but if she won't reciprocate, either in answering or how she feels, there's not really much you can do about it but be patient and see if her actions toward you change. If she's a good friend to you, then she should want to tell you how she feels so that the friendship can continue, or she might be afraid to tell you if she doesn't feel the same way, thinking it might ruin the friendship you do have. I welcome your thoughts, let me know if you want to talk more.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The situation since I last contacted you is even more difficult. I have elft London and am now living in somerset. The agreement with my friend is that I came here in October this year and she would follow on to join me.I have moved to Glastonbury where she was raised. She sufferes from Bi polar and knows that I have chronic depression. I have given up my council flat in london . She knows I have done this amd was supposed to join me in October. She now states and I belive this to be true that her teneacy agreement rfan out on the 17th of january. She belives she can stay in her flat so long as the money is paid by the housing benefit people even if she has not resingend her tenanacy. Could this be true?
I have move from a tiny van where iweqas living in the freezing cold for about three months (I am 60 in 2 weeks time, she is 43)When we spoke on the phone the other day she told me she was desperate to come down and move into the house i have managed to get just befor xmas which will be shared by two other people. I made arrangements for friends to help me get a coach from a nearby town to go up to london to bring her back. (She does not like to travel on own ) she now wants us to do TEFL course and hopefully make some money and I have booked tickests for the 14th Feb to go up and get her.She says that is still on /
I was hoping she would move down straight away but she says that is unlikely as her youngest daughter is still in London. So the best I can hope for is three weeks with her. How can I get her to change her mind? She already knoiws IM besotted with her. Please help me Im absolutely gutted she has changed her mind about coming this weekend or early next week as we spoke on the telephone last tuesday. Thanks

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