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I am a newly wed...2007. My husband has two very rude, ...

Customer Question

I am a newly wed...2007. My husband has two very rude, spoiled, undisciplined sons that are very abusive. They tell me this is my house, this is my daddy''s house, we are blood your not, my daddy only wants you for sex, Im going to make my daddy get a divorce, your not my mom, leave my house...they have called me bitch, told me go to hell...and worse. My husband allows this or will say, I can''t believe you satd that" or "don''t say that again." I have no privacy not even in our bedroom. We have spit up over this several time. When I am not with him, he lets his sons sleep with him ...especially his 11 year old. I tell him I think this is inappropriate...he says I am sick minded and jealous. He says he will show his sons love and sleep with them if he wants to. That they are his babies. We can''t even go to a movie or out to eat without them because he says they will feel left out or get mad and that it would be evil to go out and have fun without them. Any suggestions? I can''t even lock
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Ms Chase replied 9 years ago.

Hello Sherron

How long have you been with him? Did you live together before you were married?

Whats there mother's position in their life?

How old are the boys?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Ms Chase's Post: We met in Feb. 2007, we lived together from March 2007, married in July 2007, separated the first time in Oct. 2007...we are bouncing backwards and forth trying to work things out. The mother is Bi-Polar and is not in their lives very much. She was at first, two days a week and every other its about once a month for a day or less. She hates me and has stressed this to the kids but has asked me to not let her kids talk to here the way they do. The boys are 11 and 13. The 11 year old blond hair blue eyes, actually lays in the floor and cries like a baby. He is very big for his age(4'9" 160lbs)...he does this often...loudly. The 13 year old (black hair and brown eyes) does nothing and has no regard or respect for anyone and tends to pick on girls and younger children...he is very small for his age. 4'9", 70lbs. These boys are, nor look anything alike and they hate each other. Their mother and father don't discipline or give them any chores and they wait on them hand and foot. When my husband buys me a drink they get mad and he feels so bad about it he will buy them one also even if they are not with us.
Thank you,