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Hello my name isXXXXX am 40 years old and recently ...

Resolved Question:

Hello my name isXXXXX am 40 years old and recently divorced, and have sole custody of my 12 year old son. I have recently moved back with my parents to "get back on my feet" finiancally . My father is 67 years old and still works full time as a high school teacher which he has done now for over 35 years. My father "flies off the handle" at the slightest little things that happen. From getting a red light to sneezing to much to just about anything. It is like walking on egg shells around him. He shows classic signs of depression but refuses to admit it. Both my mother and I have spoken to his Dr. about this and the Dr. has spoke to him about it but he thinks every thing is fine and will not take a prescription for Prozac or Zoloft. He never sems to be happy and gets upset in a flash. How do I approach him to talk about the fact that he is never happy any more and always seems to be upset. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Ms Chase replied 9 years ago.

Hello Craig,

There's a couple things you can try. One think you can do is keep a journal of all of his "incidences", dates, times and what happened. You can also have the 12 year old ask him why he's angry all the time, sometimes when it comes from a child it makes more of an impression.

As a last resort, you can start videotaping him. You can have it where you tell him flat out that you're going to start video taping his blowups, or you can videotape him without him really knowing and have sit down in a couple of weeks with highlights.

Many, many men and women think that to admit to a mental problem, regardless of how slight is to admit that you are damaged or in some way inferior to others. It can be embarrassing, intimidating and most of all scary. The most important thing is to present a united front with the entire family. Usually if more than one person stands together they may take it a little more seriously. Let him know that you all love him so much and would not come to him about it if you did not care.

I welcome your thoughts, let me know if you want to talk more



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