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i have a huge issue and need to know how to explain it to my

Customer Question

self and my husband. He makes alot of money, (around 175,000) and drives a car with around 207,000 miles. Today for the 20th time it broke down and fortunately i PAID FOR AAA and he was able to have it towed for free to the dealership. He refuses to buy a new car and says that that one is in good shape.. it is on its last leg however because he kept it in good shape they should give us $7k or so fo it. How does a woman that goes to school (university) WITHTOUT the earning power tell my husband that if he looks and the time the number etc and me always catching the fall for his inexcusible expenses that he will never buy a new car. HE said that he won't buy a car until he has $25,000 in a savings. We don't have a savings. We have alot in a 401(K) AND MONEY IN stock four different companies totalling around $30,000 but help me here what do I tell him it is my life too.. i am affected by this I use to be a very successful business woman i ready to go back for space peace & sanity WHY HAS NO ONE RESPONDED TO ME THIS IS VERY STRSSFUL RELATIONSHIP ISSUES.. I HAVE WAITED OVER AN HOUR......ARE YOU INTERESTED OR NOT. i WAS GOING TOPAY $35.00. dEBBIE HELM
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Ms Chase replied 9 years ago.

Hi Debbie,

I apologize that no one got back to you sooner. Let me ask you a few questions

How long have you been married?

Do the two of you have seperate cars?

What did he say when his car got towed? was he upset?

How is it affecting you?