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Mudbug, Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 263
Experience:  50 yrs of life experience; 10 yrs marriage; minor in psychology
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I used to get hard just slow-dancing with girls. Now I ...

Resolved Question:

I used to get hard just slow-dancing with girls. Now I can''t keep it up when I mount a girl, unless I''m inside her. My girlfriend in high school wouldn''t let me have sex with her. She wouldn''t let me do anything except feel her up. I was completely in love with her, though. She cheated on me, having sex with some guy. The other night I had a dream in which I told my mom I was gay. Then we had sex. I woke up in fright, but I was hard. I feel like a man, but now I''m almost scared to make moves on girls because I won''t be able to keep it up. I What in the hell is going on with me? In the last three years, since I''ve started thinking I''m gay or bisexual or something, I''ve lost a lot of hair and a lot of social ability. I don''t know. I know I''m not normal, because normal young men blow their load like almost instantaneously, let alone get it up right away. I''ll be with a girl, hard on and off while we tumble around, then the pants come off, I know I have to stay hard, and I fail. Shit!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Mudbug replied 9 years ago.

Hi Captain,

First of all you need to stop being so hard on yourself. It is obvious that your problem is not physical since you do have erections. Therefore, I would guess that all of your problems are related to a psychological issue, and stress from worrying about your performance.

My advice to you is to make an appointment with a psychiatrist and/or psychologist and openly talk to him/her about all the issues you are having both physically and mentally. Much of this may be caused by your thoughts and internal battle as to whether or not you are straight, bi-sexual, or gay.

Sorry I couldn't give you a more definitive answer, but this is something that a professional counselor and/or medical doctor needs to help you with. Good luck, and hope you are able to get some help soon.


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