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I dated a woman for 3 years and the first 2 years were ...

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I dated a woman for 3 years and the first 2 years were blissful. we were totally compatible on every level as lovers and best friends. she would occasionally ask me where i thought the relationship was going, etc. and would become concerned that our relationship had no definition. anyway, she broke up with me over a year ago and i am still having trouble getting over her. this has never happened before as i always get over someone fairly quick. i would like nothing more than to put this back together. we have seen each other only once since the breakup as we had dinner and spoke about everything. i told her i would like another chance and she agreed to let me but only at a slow pace. that was 6 months ago and she has completely ignored my couple of attempts at this. should i just let it go and realize she doesn''t love me anymore? by the way, there are no issues such as prior marriages, children, abuse, etc. we are both in our 40''s and we do very well financially. thank you
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