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Hi i am a 23 year old guy, i am in serious love with a 32 ...

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Hi i am a 23 year old guy, i am in serious love with a 32 year old girl, we are planning to get married soon, will this age differnce affect our sexual life, will we be able to give birth to healthy children, please let me know

Hello Shank,

Congratulations! Your age should not affect your sex life at all. Older men sometimes start to experience erectile issues but females do not have this problem. In fact many people believe that when a woman reaches her 30's she is more comfortable with herself and more sexually open and interested in sex more. It also will not affect your ability to have healthy children, if there is no pre-existing condition. Don't worry about things until it's time to worry is my motto, 9 years isn't that big of a deal if you love each other. Good luck with everything


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you for your reply, it helps me a lot , i just need one more clarification,

will a 11 year difference make any problem, or its the same :)

I am very happy on your answer please let me know this so i can accept this

Thanks again


Was my math off? 32-23 is 9 correct? At any rate, no, 11 years will not matter if two people love each other, I have seen couples with an even larger gap and they are very happy. It's all up to the individuals.

I'm here if you want to talk more.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thanks for your quick reply, you math was not wrong, but i made a typo while typing .. sorry abt it :(

i appreciate your quick answer so u say that she being 11 years elder than me wont affect our sex life as well as our children....

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