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Goddess, Psychic
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 2
Experience:  Diplomas in Astrology/Parapsychology & Pharmacy Technician, Ordained minister, mother to 6
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Are there any psychics out there who can help

Customer Question

I am not having good luck in love, and people pourposely play games on me. can someone give me insight into my love life?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Goddess replied 9 years ago.
I am a psychic-if you need any assistance I will be glad to help. I am good at what I do.

-Could you explain your situation a little more?

Thank you again for trusting us with your problem. Please reply as soon as possible so that we can finish answering your question.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.

well, people come into my life and then they pound my self esteeme into a pulp and leave. they know i have problems with trust and such.

i use to have friends but they all just ran away. i don't know what it is. the last guy i was with told me he just wanted to be firends cuz there was no way in hell he was gonna be my man...even though he slept with me. its like people purposely hurt me. not to mention my mother never really loved me. im close to my dad, but he's sick of me too......hes growing distant thatnx to my depression. he says i whine too much.

im 21 years old, and my name is XXXXX XXXXX go to school, but im scared to be around people.

Expert:  Goddess replied 9 years ago.
Good Morning Beth! I do understand where you're coming from. Since you have requested a psychic, would you like a reading? It is a pity that your loved ones don't understand you. You grew up with a lot of insecurity around you. Which is why you have these trust issues. And I'm sure most of it came from your parents. What's more is that they put feelings and pressures on you that did not belong to you. You attract these sort of peeople into your life ,because you feel you don't deserve better. And that you feel you are worthless. It becomes a vicious cycle, it can be broken. You are not and it is time to change these thoughts. I am a firm believer in the Law of Atrraction. What you put out into the Universe is what you put out. You are so young honey, there is no need to feel as if there is no hope. You mentioned depresssion,I do hope you are receiving some form of counseling. Your soul is wounded but it can be mended.

Just know all is not lost and you deserve all the best life has to offer.

Get back to me if you wish....
Have a blessed day, God bless!