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Steve -- a.k.a. Oreport
Steve -- a.k.a. Oreport, Master's Degree Counselor
Category: Relationship
Satisfied Customers: 1079
Experience:  I tell you what I believe you need to hear (not what you may wish to hear) regarding relationships.
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What is a cute way to ask a guy to a PDC winter ball (girls ask guys)

Customer Question

Its a Pre-cutillion. The girls are supposed to ask the guys in cute ways like some decorate cars, bake cookies that say PDC? on them fortune cookies etc. but i want a special and cute one. this is my first year at this school and i have never been. Its a VERY big deal. Im also taking my boyfriend who i am head over heals for!and itll be his first time as well bc he didnt go last year. so please help me with some cute ideas!!! thanks!
Submitted: 13 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Steve -- a.k.a. Oreport replied 13 years ago.

Instead of giving you specific ideas (which may not fit either him or
you) let me suggest that you tie your invitation idea(s) to a theme
which reflects your boyfriend's interests.

For example, is he into:

Computers?  Invite hin with an internet treasure hunt which ends @ a Special Invitation webpage (which you design).

Music? Write him a song... or record one, with you as the singer...

Cars?  Arrange a test drive in a favorite car of his (have an older friend drive, if you or he can't yet drive)...

Writing?  Write a poem, or an essay, or a story telling how you feel about him.

Movies?  Same as above but do it with a vidio cam

You get the idea, right?  Theme and design your Invitation to reflect you and to connect with him.

Good Luck!